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A Patient’s Experience at Our Community | Brentwood

Joyce Schmidt is 85 years young and has been at Brentwood Health Care Center for two and a half years.

A Day at Brentwood: A Patient’s Experience at Our Senior Living Community 


Joyce Schmidt is 85 years young and has been at Brentwood Health Care Center for two and a half years. She grew up in England and moved to the United States when she was 25 years old and resided in Florida. Since her children lived in Ohio, she couldn’t see them often. To bring her closer, her family chose Brentwood as their senior living community. Let’s explore Joyce’s time with us! 

Brentwood Resident: Joyce Schmidt 

Joyce’s Daily Routines 

At the senior living community, Joyce starts her morning routine at 7 a.m. with a delicious breakfast prepared by our executive chef and team. Our culinary team provides healthy and homemade meals to their residents. 

 In between breakfast and lunch, Joyce and her friends find some daily activities to take part in. By 11:15 a.m., Joyce is ready for lunch. She can choose what she wants based on a hand-picked menu by our executive chef.  

When asked what her favorite lunch meal was, she mentioned, “I love their soups. I like to have grilled cheese with tomato soup. Not full of lumps and bumps and things that don’t belong there. It’s smooth and creamy.” According to Joyce, dinner is provided at 5:15 p.m. 

The Brentwood senior living community has volunteers such as Sandy that will come every Tuesday and Thursday to pass out a newspaper called the Daily Chronicle on what happened on that specific date in years past. It gives the residents something to read. 

The on-site staff gives Joyce and other residents transportation to any activity they want to take part in. 

Snack Time 

Brentwood offers a snack machine for its residents and visitors, but Joyce has a whole jar of KitKats that she won at bingo. She also has a friend that brings her cashew nuts and M&M’s. 

Joyce likes good candy. “I’m not cheap. I like a good candy when I eat them. I got a whole box of 24 bars. Caramelo’s.” 

Brentwood Activities 

Depending on the time of day, there are many different social activities that Joyce and other residents can take part in at the senior living community. Each resident is given a chart that lays out the fun activities for the week. The best part is that families can join in on activities too! 

When asked what activities there are, Joyce said, “Today they have bowling, spiritual services, Bingo in the Pub, coffee, arts and crafts show, happy birthday party with an entertainment group, Bible study, manicure, exercise, and creative writing. They never know when I’m going to show up.” She also participated in arts and crafts like painting and botanical garden outings.  

After dinner, Joyce likes to hang out with Jeanette and her other friends to play cards. A favorite card game of hers is Rummy. 

Brentwood Staff 

Joyce finds the staff at the senior living community to be friendly and, “One supplies me with cashews and M&Ms, I don’t pay her for that. It’s just something that she does.” 

Rose is one of the care givers that Joyce mentioned. She said, “Rose lives on a lot of property, so very often, she’ll bring in little tomatoes for me.” Rose and other care givers provide personal care for each resident and establish a personal connection with them, making their community warm and welcoming.   

Schedule a Visit to Brentwood 

Joyce and our other residents are part of a senior living community that allows them to receive the personalized quality care they need throughout their stay at Brentwood. 

To truly experience our warm and inviting environment, we invite you to schedule a visit at Brentwood Health Care Center. We are dedicated to serving our community and are always available to provide more information or answer any questions you may have. Our doors are open, and we look forward to the opportunity to welcome you and your loved one to the Brentwood family.