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The Reserve at Brentwood is now open!

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Dedicated to service with dignity, Brentwood provides a level of quality you can trust. We think you’ll find the emphasis at Brentwood is on caring every step of the way. It’s a blend of professional services and family compassion that delivers the peace of mind you deserve.
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Brentwood staff brightens the residents’ days by an organized undertaking of promoting life with fulfilled activities, good meals, and most important, giving a sense of home to the many people who reside there.
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When I arrived it was with great trepidation and fear of the unknown. But when it came time to leave, I almost hated to do so. And I attribute that to the excellent people who cared for me there, not the least of whom are dedicated therapists, who helped me do things I never thought I’d be able to do again. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
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Brentwood is family owned and operated, and it is obvious that there is much love and care put into this facility as you walk around and see beauty in their library, garden room, pub area, salon, and theatre that makes it feel like home. We are so grateful to everyone at The Reserves for the care of our dad. We can finally feel peace when we leave knowing he is safe and is looked after by all there.
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When I arrived at Brentwood Medical Center in Aug 2023, I had just underwent total hip replacement surgery on both hips performed one week apart. Even though I was in an acute rehab facility for 14 days prior to arriving at Brentwood, I needed a lot of skilled care and rehabilitation. When I arrived, I could not stand, step or walk without the use of therapeutic equipment along with 4 therapist to assist. I could only sit and propel myself in a wheelchair for a very limited amount of time over a short distance. I required a lot of assistance with grooming and carrying out my activities of daily living. Not only did I need rehabilitation because of the hip surgeries but I had not walked independently for years and was bedridden 9 months prior to the surgeries because of my hips.

Now not only were both hips prosthetic, the muscles in my legs had atropied, I had no strength in my core muscles and even though my upper body had some strength it needed work in order to support the lower part of my body because at that time my legs could not. And on top of all of this I have a very bad back that in and of itself limits mobility. Therapy certainly had their work cut out for them. I will be discharged from Brentwood on September 29th 2023, however in such a short span of time the therapist did an outstanding job. Just to name a few, I can now perform the following activities with minimal assistance or in some cases totally independent: get into and sit up in a wheelchair practically the entire day, walk with a walker 180 ft, in a wheelchair independently propel myself inside and outside the facility for an extended amount of time, go from a standing to a sitting and a lying to a standing position independently with a walker and mostly independent shower and dress myself.

Mind you, I could not do these activities for years and this therapy team rehabilitated me to do them in a matter of weeks.. Because of therapies work I can now move to the next level of my rehabilitation. Not only has it been pleasurable to work with them they actually became like family..

I would highly recommend Brentwood to anyone who needs skilled care and rehabilitation because the staff here is second to none.