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What to Look for in the Best Senior Living Community

When you start looking for the best senior living community for you or a loved one, how do you know what to look for? At Brentwood, we think it comes down to five key factors: Who owns the senior living community? What service levels do they offer? How is the food? How easy is it to manage your health? And, what are the employees like?

Watch the video below to learn more or continue reading to find out how to choose the best senior living community.

Family Owned & Operated

One of the most important factors in how to choose a senior living community is finding one that is family owned and operated. Since it’s not run by a large corporation, they will be much more attentive to your needs. Senior living communities that are run by corporations are devoid of a personal connection. Your concerns will be sent up an email chain and most likely ignored.

A family owned and operated senior living community knows just how important it is that your loved one receives personalized care. Quality senior care means both their physical and mental health needs are met every step of the way. And when issues arise, they will be resolved in a caring, efficient way.

Different Levels of Care

Senior living communities that offer differing levels of care allow you to age in place. Look for one that offers rehabilitation and skilled nursing services, skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care. Everyone ages at a different pace, so this type of community is great for two reasons.

The first being that they can handle anything that may arise with your or your loved one. You won’t have to worry about packing up all of your belongings and moving again, especially in such a stressful situation. The second reason is that your partner will be able to move in as well. You won’t be separated after years of living together, and both of your health needs will be met.

Delicious, Nutritious Food

The food served at senior living communities has a reputation for being unappealing. And for good reason – for years, corporate owners ignored how it tasted to save time and money. If you tour a community and they’re still using old school cafeteria-style tray lines, run!

Instead, look for a senior living community that focuses on fresh, nutritious food that is delicious. Providing cooked-to-order food allows residents to order the food they want for every meal.

Easy Health Management Services

Once you experience how easy managing your health records and appointments can be, you’ll never go back. For example, at Brentwood, your electronic healthcare record stays with you while you’re living with us. If your needs change, and you switch from rehabilitation services to assisted living services, all of your information stays with you. You won’t have to deal with the frustration of explaining your medical history over and over again. In fact, you’ll see many of the same familiar therapists and management team no matter the services you require.

Employee Satisfaction

One factor that can be easily overlooked is what the employees are like. You don’t want to find out once you’ve moved in. While you’re researching possible senior living communities, talk to the employees. Ask how long they’ve worked there. Find out how they feel about their job or what they like most about it. As you tour the facilities, notice if you’re greeted by friendly faces throughout. The attitudes of employees and management can really make a difference.

Ready to Explore Brentwood?

At Brentwood, we offer all of these factors and more. Let our family take care of yours. Reach out to us today to learn more about what makes us one of the best senior living communities.