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Help Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia

Middle-aged adult caring for an elderly loved one with dementia.

Caring for loved ones with dementia is a labor of love, but that does not take away from the difficulty. If you care for someone with memory loss due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you need support and the right resources.  

Caring for a loved one with dementia in either your home or theirs means you’ll want to learn more about dealing with the effects of the disease. There are steps you can take to make caring for a loved one with dementia easier.  

It’s also important to know when a specialized memory care facility better meets your needs and where to find specialized dementia care near you.  

Tips to Make Caring for Someone with Dementia Easier 

Keeping a loved one with dementia as comfortable and safe as possible is an ever-changing process. In the early stages, some people can maintain some independence. This changes as the disease progresses. Others rapidly decline in abilities. It depends on the cause of memory loss, and, in all cases, it can vary by individual.  

What are some of the most important things in caring for dementia patients? Here are some general tips to make caring for someone with memory loss a little easier.  

  • Keep routines. Routines can be beneficial to people with dementia. Eating, dressing, bathing, sleeping and other daily activities are easier when there is a routine to follow. This doesn’t mean strict timelines, and it’s important to keep flexibility for both you and your loved one’s sake, but the predictability of a routine is soothing. 
  • Spend time outdoors. Exposure to fresh air, sunlight and nature has been shown to reduce anxiety, agitation and depression. If they are able, have your loved one spend time in nature, even if it’s just 15 minutes in the backyard. Just make sure they are in an enclosed space and under watchful supervision. People with dementia are often able-bodied and can quickly find themselves in danger or lost. 
  • Avoid conversation loops. Trying to reason with a person with dementia isn’t an effective use of time. Arguing isn’t either. It’s better to redirect their attention or even tell them a “white lie” to change the subject.
  • Give them reasonable independence. It’s not necessary to step in and do everything for a person with dementia. If they are able to dress themselves, even slowly, let them. If they can fold laundry or set a table, encourage them to do so.
  • Take steps toward safety. Just as you might childproof your home when caring for a small child, you need to do the same for someone with memory loss. Look for ways to keep them safe, such as installing grab bars in the shower or by the toilet. Try to remove any possible safety hazards like rugs that can cause a fall. Hide the car keys if they can’t drive and lock up medicines if necessary. Ensure that the safety measures you employ are in line with their current abilities. What is safe at one point in time might not be safe at a later date.
  • Don’t neglect your own care. If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, it can be easy to forget that you need care as well. You need downtime to relax or recharge or do necessary chores and go to appointments. Don’t hesitate to ask other family members or friends to assist. Look for respite care in your area. In-home care is another option, where you can have a professional caretaker stay with them overnight or for periods of time when you need to work, take a break or handle other responsibilities.  

Looking for Specialized Memory Care Near You? 

When caring for someone with dementia, you may find yourself at a point where you need more assistance. Brentwood Health Care has one of Northeast Ohio’s best memory care facilities. We follow an internationally recognized program that provides compassionate, state-of-the-art care.

Brentwood is family-owned and family-operated. We want our residents to truly feel at home. The Reserve is our senior living community for memory care and assisted living. We have award-winning, personalized care plans and modern facilities, and we have served the Northeast Ohio area for more than 30 years. 

The Benefits of Brentwood Health Care Center’s Specialized Memory Care Program 

Our memory care facility, The Reserve at Brentwood, offers specially trained caregivers who understand the specific challenges and needs of those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. We provide round-the-clock monitoring delivered by our caring staff.  

At the Reserve at Brentwood, we ensure that our residents have meaningful, stimulating activities. We also do everything we can to support individual interests and hobbies. There are activity stations and a lounge for entertaining friends and family or interacting with other residents.  

At Brentwood’s specialized memory care facility, you’ll find: 

  • A secure facility designed specifically for memory care, with comforting color schemes and wider door openings
  • Memory care apartments that offer the amenities of our assisted living and independent residences, plus extras that are helpful to those with dementia
  • A layout that incorporates various calming elements, specifically designed to lower stress and enhance involvement in activities
  • A Snoezelen therapy room that provides a multi-sensory environment, helping to stimulate the brain and reduce anxiety
  • A spa room

Visit The Reserve at Brentwood Health Care Center

If you’re looking for specialized dementia care in Northeast Ohio, visit our website and learn more about our memory care living options at The Reserve, at Brentwood Health Care Center. The best way to learn more about The Reserve is to visit and see firsthand the caring, homelike environment we offer. Contact us to schedule a tour.