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The Importance of Outdoor Activities for Seniors

4 senior care facility residents on a hike 

Brentwood’s Summer Recreational Programs for Seniors 

Take a look outside your window… the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, there’s a gentle breeze and clouds are drifting by… 

Living in Ohio, this may or may not be true while you’re reading this. We all know how fickle our weather can be, which is why we need to take advantage of those days with good—if not great—weather.  

Summer recreational programs for our seniors help our residents feel more connected to their bodies, the earth and one another. Our outdoor programming allows us to do things that require more space while breathing fresh air and soaking up a little vitamin D.  

Keep reading to learn the health benefits of outdoor recreational programs for seniors, the role of summer rec programs and what events and activities we provide for our residents (including those who may want to enjoy the air conditioning on a particular day). 

Health Benefits of Outdoor Recreation 

Outdoor activities for seniors provide various health benefits. Here are some reasons why it is crucial for the physical and mental health of seniors. 

Physical Health 

Engaging in outdoor activities can significantly help improve physical health. Activities like walking and chair yoga help to maintain muscle mass, improve cardiovascular health, and increase flexibility. These results reduce the risk of falls and improve overall physical well-being. 

Mental Health 

Spending time outdoors has been shown to reduce stress levels, improve your mood, and even enhance cognitive abilities. Activities like bird watching or sitting in a park can help decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

The Role of Summer Recreational Programs 

Summer recreational programs for seniors are more than just a way to keep our residents busy. These programs offer seniors the opportunity to participate in various activities that cater to their interests and physical capabilities.  

Here’s why summer rec programs are essential. 

Social Interaction 

These programs offer seniors the opportunity to engage with others who live at Brentwood and those in the community. It helps foster a sense of belonging and reduces feelings of isolation, which is a common issue among the elderly. Shared experiences and social connections can greatly improve seniors’ overall quality of life. 

Engagement and Stimulation 

Participating in organized recreational activities can stimulate both the body and mind. Whether a program is focused on exercise, getting creative, or enjoying the outdoors, the activity promotes cognitive health and physical wellbeing. 

Gain New Skills 

Summer programs often introduce seniors to new activities or hobbies. This creates opportunities for them to learn and grow in fun, engaging ways. Developing new skills – or improving on current skills – can help maintain cognitive function and offer a sense of accomplishment and purpose. 

Brentwood’s Outdoor Summer Programming 

Like we said earlier, we take full advantage of good weather days. We provide a variety of activities that promote physical exercise and/or general well-being.  

Our outdoor summer programs include:  

  • Outings: Picnic at the lake, getting ice cream, going to the lighthouse or local parks, visiting an alpaca farm, bowling and shopping 
  • Enjoying the outdoors: Cookouts, bird watching, conversing with one another in the fresh air, concerts and live music 
  • Exercise: Chair yoga on the front porch, kicking and throwing a ball to one another 

What if You’re Not a Fan of the Outdoors? 

We try to take advantage of nice weather as much as possible, but we understand that some people simply want to stay inside—whether it be for comfort, health reasons or personal preference.  

So, for those people – or when we need a plan B for a rainy day – we have a variety of activities to help everyone get moving. For example, our physical therapist runs a weekly exercise program called “Delay the Disease.” The program helps with practicing car transfers, knowing what to do in case of a fall and improving general strength and mobility. 

We also do BalloFlex, a chair exercise program set to music. Bonus—it’s accompanied by our biweekly happy hour.  

Additional indoor activities include beach ball toss, kick ball, adult hungry hippos, noodle ball, baseball, tic-tac-toe toss, net ball, bocce ball and volleyball. 

Come Play with Us! 

At Brentwood, we understand the importance of outdoor activities for seniors and enjoying time in the fresh air. Schedule a tour of our community today to learn more about our services, events, and activities