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Winter Activities for Seniors

Seniors playing card games indoors

Fun things to do indoors where it’s warm

Winter is often called the “most wonderful time of the year.” (At least by Andy Williams.) However, it’s usually dark and cold. Even the beautiful falling snow can create treacherous conditions in which to walk or drive. So, when you’re stuck inside or have a few days to yourself, you probably start to wonder about indoor winter activities for seniors.

At Brentwood, we have an extensive variety of activities and events, with a state-of-the-art activities program offering classes on history, travel, spirituality, sports, TV, film, games, crafts, and many more. We work with our residents to find out what their interests are and create activities around them. If you’re interested in learning what we plan throughout the winter, reach out today.

Or, keep reading to find out what you or a family member can do to have a little fun this winter season.

Get Crafty

Crafting and creating pieces of art is a great way to spend time indoors. You can make it as simple or complex as you’d like. Explore the art you used to enjoy as a child. Start doing the crafts you did later in life. Or try something new!

Calligraphy has many different types of lettering you could learn. You can turn the new skill into cards, letters, artwork, and more. Try scrapbooking to pull together memories and stories of your life or of a loved one. Needlepoint, knitting, and other fiber arts are a great way to keep your hands busy while chatting with a friend or watching a movie.

Not feeling the visual arts? Write poetry. Begin outlining a novel. Start the screenplay or theater script that’s been bubbling in your mind. Record your stories with written or audio methods to preserve them for your family and friends.

When you start expressing your creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Play Games

Games are a great way to connect with others or to flex your brain muscles on your own.

Trivia, bingo, and board games are great to play with groups. Games like chess and card games are perfect for smaller groups or one-on-one.

There are also games you can play on your own: sudoku, crossword games, puzzles, and even mobile apps.

If your family comes to visit you, encourage them to bring their favorite game and teach you how to play. Games are always fun for all ages!

Learn Something New

The classic proverb “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” needs to be erased from history. There is always something to learn at any stage of life.

There is an incredible array of online classes available to you at any time. That topic you’ve always wanted to learn about? Search the internet or YouTube, and you’re bound to find a course on it.

Research local resources and organizations to see what events they’re hosting. You might stumble across something you never knew you’d be interested in.

Nowadays there are numerous ways to learn a new language. Libraries are full of free analog and digital resources. Your mobile phone has a variety of apps. Online videos and courses are available. And even local students and groups have ways to learn in person.

Another interesting topic to research is your family’s ancestry and history. Explore the past and record stories and anecdotes for future generations.

Low-Impact Exercise

With fewer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, getting some movement in indoors is key. There are fun, low-impact ways to stay active.

Try tai chi from a class or online video. Start practicing yoga. (There’s even chair-based yoga for those who don’t want to get on the floor!) Resistance bands are a great way to stretch. Play your favorite music and start dancing. Or simply walk hallways or malls or other indoor space.

If you don’t want to exercise by yourself, find an accountability buddy. Or start a group! Which brings us to our next idea…

Start a Club

Start a club or informal group with a few of your friends. If you live in a continuing care retirement community, see if they offer groups to join or ask if you can start one.

Your club can explore a variety of activities or zero in on one you all already enjoy or would like to learn.

Why not start a regular cooking class? The club can try making different foods or desserts. You could also start a coffee club and experiment with different roasts and brewing methods.

If you like gardening, start an indoor garden and invite others to help out with it. (This could also tie in to a cooking club!)

The possibilities are endless: book club, movie club, indoor birdwatching, listen to or play music, etc.

What will you do this winter?

There is a plethora of simple, fun winter activities to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. This is just the tip of the snowflake.

Want to learn more about Bentwood’s winter and year-round activities? Schedule a tour! We’d love to show you around and answer any questions you have.