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Senior Living Activities for a Vibrant Lifestyle

Image showing a senior enjoying activities in a health care facility

Senior living doesn’t have to mean spending more time in your recliner. Many older adults enjoy an active lifestyle well into their golden years! 

A wide range of senior living activities can help aging adults maintain a vibrant, active lifestyle. The benefits of activities for seniors include improved mental health, less depression and anxiety, better cognitive and physical function and much more.  

What are good enrichment activities for the elderly? How do you keep seniors entertained? We have some suggested activities that help older adults stay active and engaged.  

First, consider the personal interests of the senior, so you can tailor activity options that fit. 

  • Do they enjoy sports and competition? If so, what is their level of mobility?  
  • Do they enjoy more mental activities or need to find options that fit their physical abilities? 
  • Do they enjoy interacting with others or are solitary activities more their preference?  
  • What kinds of hobbies have they participated in during their younger years: art-related, reading, music? Often you can find a related activity that might pique their interest and match their current physical and mental condition.  

Activities Seniors May Enjoy 

The following are some senior living activities that many people enjoy participating in both at home and in care facilities. These ideas might give you guidance in finding engaging activities for a senior in your life.  

  • Board or card games. Games are not only fun; they stimulate the brain. And, for those that enjoy companionship and group activities, they allow for more people to join! 
  • Group fitness. There are so many options for senior fitness activities. Look for options available at your local senior center, YMCA, church or health care facility. Everything from yoga and walking to chair exercises and water aerobics can offer seniors a fun way to stay active and fit.  
  • Scrapbooking. This activity can be done alone or in a group. It allows seniors to be artistic and creative, while giving them the wonderful opportunity to reminisce about great memories.  
  • Woodworking. Many seniors enjoy whittling away the hours while making creations from wood. Look for woodworking classes or groups in your area or find information about getting started on the Internet.  
  • Sewing or quilting. If seniors have good vision (with or without glasses) and the physical ability to use their hands, it’s never too late to learn how to sew or make quilts.  
  • Painting. Many people pick up painting later in life. Remember Grandma Moses? She started at the age of 78!

Seniors Enjoy an Active Life at Brentwood Health Care Center  

These are just a few ideas for senior activities. If you are looking for a senior living community in Northeast Ohio, Brentwood Health Care Center offers a homelike setting, modern facilities and caring staff. We’re family owned and family operated, so we want our residents to feel like they are part of our family.  

Providing a full slate of fun, engaging and inviting activities is just part of what we do. We offer award-winning expertise, high quality care and a compassionate staff. If you’re looking for assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation or skilled nursing services in Northeast Ohio, you’ll want to visit Brentwood to learn more.