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Tips and Tricks for Seniors in Assisted Living 

Elderly person in assisted living using products that make life easier for seniors.

Life Hacks for Senior Citizens 

For seniors in assisted living, the availability of professional staff and resources makes everyday life easier. There are little tips and tricks or “life hacks” for senior citizens that can make it even better. Today there are a variety of products that make life easier for seniors. And there are choices you can make (or help a loved one make) that improve quality of life for the elderly.  

These are our best assisted living tips and tricks for seniors: 

Stay Involved 

Most assisted living communities have activities to help seniors with physical and mental health. Engaging with others and having stimulating activity every day is vital to keeping the brain functioning well and even helps with sleeping better at night. At Brentwood Health Care Center, we plan activities every month to help our residents have fun and enjoy the companionship of others. We want all our residents to feel part of a vital community!  

Stay Organized 

Organization is always key to feeling more mentally relaxed, but with seniors, it can be even more necessary. Find a basket for small items, such as wallets or keys. Or buy a key ring and hang it on the wall. Drawer organizers can make it easier to keep track of special jewelry. Folders in different colors can organize important papers. Buy an organizer for a walker, so that small items can go inside when walking around the facility.  

Stay Fit 

There are many options for senior exercise. Most assisted living facilities offer exercise classes or other options for physical exercise. Even chair exercise is helpful in maintaining muscles. Look into the available opportunities for senior physical exercise and make sure your loved one takes advantage of them.  

Stay on Top of Things 

Keep notepaper and pens or pencils handy for making lists. Sticky notes can be helpful for daily reminders or even a whiteboard that hangs on the wall works! There are also many digital apps to help seniors remember important dates and appointments.  

Stay in Touch 

Today, it is easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family when in an assisted living community. Using iPads or phones, many seniors enjoy conversing over FaceTime or Skype. Investigate the options for video chatting and find one that works best for your situation and technology.  

Learn More About Brentwood Health Care Center Assisted Living Community 

We hope these assisted living hacks are beneficial. If you’re searching for the right place for your elderly loved one in Northeast Ohio, we welcome you to visit Brentwood Health Care Center.  

At Brentwood, we’re family owned and family operated. Our caring staff excels in making our residents feel at home. Our facility is modern, yet homelike and comfortable. We have more than 30 years of experience providing the highest quality care for seniors.  

The Reserve at Brentwood is our assisted living community. We do everything possible to make transitioning to assisted living easier. We provide daily activities, delicious cooked-to-order food and great entertainment. Want to learn more about The Reserve at Brentwood assisted living community? Contact us to schedule your tour today!